"We die for Rock´n´Roll!" (DCS)

Dear DCS - friends,


we are soooo excited about everything we are going to do this year!

As you are reading this we are booking our own headlining tour for July this year!

Also the new album is being recorded right f**king now, and will be released before the tour! The album´s title is "Stll No Future" (yes, we changed it!), and will feature 11 songs , including two lead vocals by Slick ! Yay!

Julian really was the missing piece to our puzzle, we couldn´t be happier, and we are more than ready to give you some of our energy. Better: ALL OF IT!!!


Are YOU ready?


Stay tuned.....





10-song debut album "The You Filter" OUT NOW

as CD and download (check your favourite online store or

just f**kin´ stream it and go crazy...)

Buy it on iTunes,,, Musicload


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